Perhaps worldwide, the humble Kit Kat isn’t a chocolate bar known for boundary pushing flavours and innovative thinking. But Japanese Kit Kats are like a whole other breed of snack, ever-evolving into wackier flavours, more creative ideas and even attempting to tackle issues such as climate change.

In September 2019, they started an overhaul of their usual plastic wrappers, pledging to fully replace it with paper packaging by 2025.

They already switched over some flavours such as the ‘original’ and ‘deep matcha’ products, and now it’s the perfect time of the year to relaunch classic spring flavours and announce a brand new one, all in more environmentally-friendly packaging.

The newest addition to their chocolate lineup is ‘Easter Banana’. In a campaign which highlights the new paper wrapping, the design includes an Easter Bunny surrounded by eggs and flowers which can actually be coloured in.

The rereleases also include two seasonally appropriate cherry blossom-inspired chocolate bars, ‘Sakura Nihonshu’ (Japanese sake) and ‘Sakura Mochi’ flavour, a traditional springtime treat.

In addition to this, two other beloved varieties are returning in paper packaging, ‘Adult Sweetness Hojicha’ (roasted green tea) and ‘Adult Sweetness Raspberry’ are back with their sophisticated flavouring.

All these bags of 12 mini bars will go on sale in Japanese stores for 500 yen, but will be available from different dates. Easter Banana was already released on 17th February, while the cherry blossom duo will be coming out 2nd March. We can look forward to the remaining two which will be released from 9th March.

By - Jess.