From the traditional to the modern, we have introduced many unique and attractive umbrellas here at grape Japan. We've seen colorful umbrellas and plastic umbrellas with traditional Japanese designs, even Evangelion umbrellas. Some of our readers may recall the gorgeous petal-shaped paper sakura umbrella inspired by a special present for Emily Blunt at the Japanese premiere of Mary Poppins Returns.

Whether you enjoy visits to the aquarium and particularly admire jellyfish, or are simply on the market for a unique umbrella, you'll probably be interested in this exquisite series of jellyfish themed umbrellas now available from Felissimo's YOU + MORE! brand.

"Jellyfish swimming in the rainy skies" umbrella

The Kamo Aquarium in Yamagata Prefecture is affectionately known as the "Dream House of Jellies" for its impressive collection of jellyfish. In fact, it has the greatest variety of jellyfish of any aquarium in the world.

Working in close collaboration with the director of Kamo Aquarium and veteran jellyfish caretakers, Felissimo selected three different jellies as the basis for a series of one-of-a-kind umbrellas which accurately reproduce the jelly patterns.

The series is called amazora wo oyogu ~ no kasa 雨空を泳ぐ~の傘, meaning: X swimming in the rainy skies umbrella (X being the name of the jellyfish)

Let's take a closer look:

Moon Jelly

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Everything from the translucent coloring, the pattern, the relatively shallow depth and even the slightly curved edges of canopy reproduce the shape of the popular Moon Jelly.

Just like the other two umbrellas in the series, the ribs and stretchers are made of translucent glass fiber so as not to interfere with the design.

  • 雨空を泳ぐミズクラゲの傘 Amazora wo oyogu mizukurage no kasa
  • Price: 1,600 JPY (tax excl.)
  • More details, order here

Japanese Sea Nettle

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In addition to faithfully reproducing the jelly's beautiful red striped pattern, the umbrella's canopy also recreates the larger, domed head of the Japanese Sea Nettle. As a fortuitous coincidence, the number of branches in the umbrella's frame is the same as the number of stripes in the jelly's pattern: 16.

  • 雨空を泳ぐアカクラゲの傘 Amazora wo oyogu akakurage no kasa
  • Price: 1,600 JPY (tax excl.)
  • More details, order here

Spotted Jelly

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This umbrella also has a domed canopy and reproduces the cute dot patterns of the Spotted Jelly. To the average viewer, it just looks like a cute spotted design, but to a jellyfish lover, the subtle shading from light yellow to dark, and the smaller dots lining the edges unmistakably identify it as a Spotted Jelly.

  • 雨空を泳ぐタコクラゲの傘 Amazora wo oyogu takokurage no kasa
  • Price: 1,600 JPY (tax excl.)
  • More details, order here

Kamo Aquarium 加茂水族館

If you visit Kamo Aquarium, each umbrella comes with a decorative pin in the cute shape of the immature jelly, or ephyra, of the respective jellies which inspired its design:

Please note that the aquarium is currently closed until May 6th due to the pandemic.

For more information and images of this beautiful umbrella series, please visit the special page on the Felissimo YOU + MORE! blog here.

By - Ben K.