Sumikko Gurashi ("living in the corner" or "corner living") is a popular Japanese series that features a cast of cute mascot-esque characters set in a world where they look for the comfort of being in a corner to relieve some of their strangely negative outlooks on life. One such character is Shirokuma, a polar bear who is uncomfortable with cold weather.

Well, hopefully Shirokuma is a bit more comfortable being turned into wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) just as cute (but way more delicious) than his animated persona is.

The adorable "Mochimochi Sumikko Gurashi Yaki" are miniature milky cream flavored mochi cakes, served chilled, that will be sold at Family Mart convenience stores throughout Japan courtesy of Bandai's sweets division starting April 28th, priced at 156 yen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.