Bubble tea has become the drink of choice for many a sweet lover, and those with an extreme sweet tooth may like to enjoy their tea with a dessert on the side. Now you can easily pick up both your boba and a tasty doughnut in the same trip to Mister Donut, a Japanese doughnut chain.

While it’s not the first time Mister Donut are coming out with their own take on the popular beverage, they’ve expanded the lineup to include more variation in flavours, as well as adding another topping choice. Now there’s not just the expected tapioca pearls, but also fruit jelly.

Although bubble tea from non-specialist shops is seen as lower quality in the eyes of some boba purists, Mister Donut have obviously taken inspiration from authentic Taiwanese bubble tea shops for this updated lineup of drinks.

The options now include six different bubble teas, and there’s even a range of Taiwanese fruit tea up for grabs too.

There’s the classic royal milk tea with tapioca pearls.

But now you can also get the trendy brown sugar tapioca milk tea.

The Uji matcha au lait also includes the in-demand brown sugar tapioca, and is made with tea from Kyoto green tea specialists Gion Tsujiri.

Moving onto the jelly beverages, the peach soda contains both peach tapioca and pineapple jelly.

Muscat flavoured tapioca and pineapple jelly can also be found in the muscat flavour soda drink.

Lastly for the bubble teas, there’s a lychee soda with lychee tapioca and pineapple jelly.

The lineup will be fixture of Mister Donut chains from 1st May, and is slated to continue until March next year. The drinks cost between 529 and 572 yen, and prices differ depending on whether you eat in or take out. But since eating in isn’t advisable at the moment, the slightly cheaper take out price suits us just fine.

By - Jess.