Japan’s traditional desserts are delicious and boast a range of distinct ingredients and flavours, but above all, Japanese sweets are known for their flawless presentation.

You can get desserts which perfectly recreate beloved characters in themed cafes, or check out the artistic flair utilised for various wagashi shaped like flowers, fireworks and other beautiful objects.

Strings Lounge, located in Nagoya, is using a favourite summertime dessert to create a whole perfectly cultivated scene. This kakigori (shaved ice) has been arranged in the image of a preened Kyoto garden complete with greenery and rocks.

One for the green tea lovers, the dish contains copious amounts of matcha powder and the beautifully patterned base is made from ‘plate chocolate’, bringing a bit more sweetness. The scattered rocks are made from chocolate and decorated with matcha sponge ‘moss’, and ripples have been drawn in the powdered sugar with warabi mochi placed on top. Fluffy shaved ice made from condensed milk is hidden underneath the garden, if you’re brave enough to excavate it. A selection of toppings are served on the side too, so you can arrange them however you like on your little garden. These desserts are so meticulously made that the cafe will only serve ten per day.

But if you prefer something sweeter than matcha, the cafe also offers these ostentatious ‘Strawberry Foam Ice’ and ‘Mont Blanc Ice’ desserts.

As a summer specialty, these seasonal shaved ice desserts are only available from 8th June to 31st August at the Strings Lounge (located on the first floor of Strings Hotel, Nagoya). Reservations can be made online if you want to participate in some shaved ice gardening.

By - Jess.