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Why Does This Cat Hate Piano Music?

I play the piano, and I can tell you it demands a lot of attention. Notes are deceptively laid out in a seemingly simple and straightforward manner. Like some massive video game controller, you just "push a button" and hear the desired result: the tone you were searching for. If you're playing one note at a time—which is mindlessly boring after a certain point—the whole act can seem foolishly simple.

Yet, try using two hands while switching between multi-note chords and evolving counter-rhythms. With a little experience, things get complicated fast. Needless to say, I have a lot of sympathy for anyone who regularly sits down to practice more complicated pieces by the likes of Chopin or Liszt. Furthermore, no one in their right mind would think that adding a mischievous and bored cat to the mix could help the overall outcome.

Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu Op. 66 Is Horrible

In this YouTuber's house, the family cat goes by the handle Kikki, or Kikun for short. He knows what he likes—chasing birds, batting curtains, warm milk, and so on—and what he doesn't. And like the gentile among us, he feels Chopin and other romantic era composers are insufferable. He'd much rather hear Beethoven or anyone from the classical period or earlier.

Nevertheless, Kikun's human is insistent on practicing such a horrible etude without minding the listeners among her. There is only one way to stop this catastrophe from happening. Kikun is quick to act and jumps on to the piano to stop the performance mid-movement. With the stubbornness of a donkey, he refuses to move. That is until his human moves him herself.

His human is indeed determined to practice. She returns to the piano and begins again from the top. Apparently, she doesn't understand that this raucous composition--although considered beautiful by some--is not welcome in this house. He jumps on to the piano again and adds his own melody to the piece. Surprise, surprise, his improvisation is, once again, not appreciated.

This continues for a while, and each time Kikun is quick to let it be known that this music is not appreciated. Even while sitting on his human's lap, his expression pretty much says it all: "I'm not having it, lady." Maybe Satie would be a better choice this evening.

Ugggh, No More Chopin

In another video, Kikun is relaxing with his playmate in the living room. Just when they get a moment of peace, there it is again: Chopin playing in the other room.

On this occasion, it seems Kikun's human has decided to test her chops on Chopin's Etude Op. 10-12. While her devotion to the craft is admirable, gonzo Kikun can't help but think, "What kind of rat bastard psychotic would play that song—right now, at this moment?" Someone has to put a stop to this.

Kikun manages to push the door open while he walks up behind the unsuspecting pianist--who, by the way, is playing a difficult piece quite well.

And here we are again. Kikun lays protest on the upper register of the piano and brings the whole charade to a halt. Or at least so he thinks. It's going to take a lot more persistence than he originally thought. Despite his human cooing that she can't practice with him jumping on the piano, he positions himself to intervene until something better is played. He jumps on the piano again and attempts to stop the performance. But just like last time, his efforts are thwarted. After perching again on her lap, it becomes clear that everyone is playing their old roles.

I'd suggest to Kikun that things will get better someday, but until then, perhaps he should take up the piano himself.

Finally, some real music in this house.

By - Luke Mahoney.