When visiting Japan, tourists often come up with a list of unique and eccentric activities that they simply have to experience while in the country. A list which will often include 'maid cafes'. These fun, themed eateries are a cornerstone of Japan's 'cuteness' culture and usually feature serving staff wearing costumes inspired by French maid outfits. The maid cafe staff stay in character the whole time as they greet customers, serve food, and sometimes even perform songs and dances for patrons.

As a mainstay of 'kawaii' culture, maid cafes are the perfect candidate to collaborate with another cute icon. Namely, Sanrio’s most iconic character creation to date, Hello Kitty.

Earlier this year, the at-home cafe flagship branch, which is located in Tokyo’s geek paradise of Akihabara, held its first ever Hello Kitty crossover event, with an adorable character-inspired menu. The staff also had a specially designed outfit to wear, inspired by Hello Kitty and her sister Mimmy.

Now the event is turning up in at-home's Osaka location too. The cafe's interior will receive the same pink gingham makeover, and the staff will sport the same Hello Kitty-themed maid costumes.

The menu will include an appealing lineup of dishes, made in the image of Kitty and Mimmy.

In terms of mains, customers can treat themselves to ‘Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Pink Curry’.

Or try out 'Hello Kitty and Mimmy’s Moe Moe Ribbon Pasta Plate'.

For 'Hello Kitty’s Lovely Sandwich', the bread itself mimics the character’s feline features.

When it comes to desserts there's two character parfaits to choose from. Either 'Hello Kitty's Moe Moe Parfait', or 'Mimmy's Kyun Kyun Parfait'.

You could also go for the dessert with a storybook-like title, 'Riding a Bright Red Apple Okyumuka Cake'.

Visitors to the cafe will receive a free gift of a place mat adorned with a super cute original design, incorporating both Hello Kitty and at-home. Drink orders also come with a coaster that can be taken home as a memento. If that's not enough to memorialise the occasion, there's also plenty of awesome original crossover merchandise available like tote bags and mirrors.

The Hello Kitty crossover event will run from 1st July until 31st August, and take place at at-home cafe's Osaka Honten branch on the first floor. For up to date information about opening times, check out the @home Cafe website.

By - Jess.