You may know Sanrio icon Hello Kitty as cute and cuddly cat mascot with enough merchandising power to have her own shinkansen bullet train in Japan, but DJ Hello Kitty plays by a different set of rules. The official Sanrio character made her debut back in 2010, and ever since she's been spinning at clubs and events around the world.

And while you might expect that when she turned up at the Spooky Pumpkin Puro All Night Halloween Party event at Sanrio Puroland, a family theme park dedicated to Hello Kitty and similar character, a run-of-the-mill and perhaps wholesome performance to be on the cards, the feline DJ had other thoughts right from the get go, starting off her playlist with an enthused "Motherfuckers, go!"

English profanity can sometimes be casually used in Japan, and while it's often defanged in terms of vulgarity or harshness by being a foreign language, "motherfucker" is pretty well known and understood due to use in film and music--so to have it blaring at the beginning of an event hosted at a Hello Kitty theme park got many attendees and followers on Twitter laughing.

While there was definitely some initial shock, the crowd seemed to see the humor in it and ate it up for the rest of the performance.

Perhaps it's a sign that we should do as DJ Hello Kitty says, and GO!

By - Big Neko.