Tokyo Dome City is one of the spots you shouldn’t miss if you are visiting Tokyo. Besides watching a good baseball game, you can also have fun shopping around or going to the many interesting events and attractions the area has to offer.

I have been there around three times already and every time I go, I discover something new such as a café or a new shop, a fancy area to sit and relax, etc.

Many people have this image of baseball when thinking of the Tokyo Dome and indeed, there are many sports events (not just baseball games) going on throughout the year.

The stadium is one of the bests in Japan and fans of baseball will find many shops and baseball-themed restaurants around. The dome is also the home ground of Yomiuri Giants, one of Japan’s professional baseball teams, so you will probably find a lot of goods with the team members in the area’s souvenirs’ shops.

Annually, besides sports games, Tokyo Dome also hosts many large-scale events, exhibitions, and concerts.

However, for those that are not particularly interested in baseball or are not coming to Japan to see a concert, you still have a lot of activities you can choose from and here is a few of them:

A relaxing day at Spa LaQua

Spa LaQua promises you a luxurious time in the open-air bath filled with natural spring water.

It is such a nice environment in which to spend your day and also enjoy the Japanese hot spring culture in the middle of Tokyo.

Tokyo Dome Roller Skating Arena

The good thing about Tokyo Dome Roller Skating Arena is that you can enjoy it even when it’s rainy outside. Especially during the rainy season in Japan, the largest indoor skating rink is one of the greatest options available.

Amusement Park- Tokyo Dome City Attractions

One thing you should try out is the attractions in the Amusement park. For those who love adrenaline, I am sure the “Thunder Dolphin “roller coaster will suit your taste. *Note that due to the coronavirus, the Tokyo Dome City Attractions area has been temporarily closed.

Tokyo Dome Bowling Center

For those who want to spend time with their family and friends while doing something fun, I recommend trying out the bowling area. You can choose the open-air bowling area on the 5th floor that is more casual and suited for families or the 4th floor that is indoors and has more of a fancy vibe to it.

Moomin Bakery and Café

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Moomin Bakery and café is an adorable café that can also be found at the Tokyo Dome. The coffee has Moomin Latte art inside the shop, there are many Moomin related items you can buy.

For the baseball fans:

Baseball Hall of Fame Museum

The Baseball Hall of Fame Museum has an exhibition of valuable uniforms, bats, gloves of Japanese baseball players and you can also find a lot more about Japan’s baseball and its history. Ballpark store

Those who want to buy some souvenirs, baseball goods, and Tokyo Dome limited products, should go to Ball Park Store as they have anything you could wish for.

MLB Café Tokyo/Major League Baseball Authorized café

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This Café in Tokyo is a dream come true for baseball fans. It is very wide, with many screens around playing baseball matches, good beer, good dishes, and an awesome environment for those who love sports.

Besides the above, you can also shop around the area or explore the many sightseeing spots and cafes, go to the JUMP shop and meet your favorite manga characters or get a good scare at the haunted house in the attraction area.

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