Donguri Republic never disappoint when it comes to Studio Ghibli merchandise. The official retailer has an awe-inspiring amount of merchandise on the shelves, all inspired by Japan’s legendary animation studio. From the biggest and fluffiest Totoro plushies, to the daintiest Jiji ornaments, they really have it all, including ranges specifically for each season, such as cherry blossom goods in the spring.

For summer they’re releasing this super cute lineup of accessories themed around the classic animated film Kiki’s Delivery Service.

By taking inspiration from the movie’s setting of Koriko, a fictional port town, the design has taken on a red and blue image, which looks similar to sailor colours, along with anchor motif accents, making these accessories perfect for this season.

The lineup includes an adorable tote bag, which even has rope handles to really hammer home the nautical theme.

Then Kiki fans can stay exceptionally organised with two types of pouches. If you look closely, the anchor charms have cute cat ears in reference to Kiki’s feline companion Jiji.

The same goes for the pass case which would be perfect for keeping your travel card safe when going on a summer day trip to the sea.

An indispensable accessory when out and about during this season is a water bottle. There’s two to choose from in the Koriko series, both continuing the marine theme.

The products are available in Donguri Republic stores all over Japan (shop list available on official website), or through their online shop.

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By - Jess.