Donguri Kyowakoku is the place to be when it comes to original and charming goods inspired by the beloved animations of Studio Ghibli. This merchandise paradise can be found in various Japanese cities, and has a dizzying range of items spanning rainwear to clocks, paperclip holders and all kinds of other wonders.

This new release is perfect for anime fans with a rogue ring issue and a love for Kiki's Delivery Service. The ring stand is made in the image of the flashy red shoes that Kiki longs for in the movie, when she arrives at Koriko. From the round toe to the pretty ribbon, fans of the movie will instantly recognise the scene from this detailed recreation.

Jiji, the sassy black cat, also looks extra cute, presiding over the shoe as if he’s guarding the precious items stored there.

The stand is a decorative way to give pride of place to your favourite jewellery pieces, or it could be used as a romantic way to present a ring as a gift.

Mega fans of Jiji can even buy Kiki’s Delivery Service themed rings to store in the stand (also from Donguri Kyowakoku) to complete the look.

This super cute ring stand will be available in Donguri Kyowakoku stores all over Japan from late December (shop list available on official website), or through their online shop.

By - Jess.