Japanese retailer Donguri Republic (Donguri Kyowakoku) is a paradise for Studio Ghibli fans, having released merchandise inspired by the beloved animation studio that includes a No-Face Piggy Bank that gobbles up coins, burps, and plays music and even tea harvested from Totoro's forest.

Studio Ghibli fans can now stuff all that lovely merch and more in these new eco-friendly tote bags that come with a stuffed Studio Ghibli animal to perch on your shoulder. Donguri Kyowakoku's new tote bags come with Boh (after he's transformed into a mouse) from Spirited Away and the Fox Squirrel from NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind and in Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

Fox Squirrel

Boh mouse

In an effort to reduce plastic waste, stores in Japan (particularly convenience stores) are now charging a small fee (minimum of one yen, but convenience stores Lawson and Family Mart are charging 3 yen for single use bags) for plastic bags. As a result, many people are being more mindful of using their own eco-friendly tote bags when shopping. Having your very own Studio Ghibli buddy on your shoulder seems like pretty good motivation to bring along a reusable bag!

The Studio Ghibli eco-friendly tote bags are available from all Donguri Kyowakoku locations for 2,800 yen. Given how cool the first two are, we can only hope more characters are on the way!

By - Big Neko.