We all had, or perhaps still have, that one classmate that can’t help but fall asleep during school lectures.
Whether the lesson was boring or full of thrill, it just seems that some people can’t stay awake. You may have even felt the urge to wake them up, either out of fear of them missing out class, or maybe just because the teacher was about to hit the roof. Perhaps when you tried to wake them a quick prod on the shoulder would do the trick, or maybe not, and then you’d both end up getting in trouble. Or maybe it was never a classmate and it was actually you who was the one with the sleeping student syndrome? There is always one.

Kawai-kun is a student who is prone to falling asleep in class, and in this new game; Sensei! Kawai-kun is sleeping again! it is your duty as a player to wake him up!
A simple tap on the shoulder doesn’t quite work on Kawai-kun though, so the game gives you a number of different ways and items that you can use to wake him.

Try your hardest to wake up the sleeping Kawai-kun using stationary, a bucket of water, vegetables, or step up your game and use a beehive or even a rocket launcher to rouse him from his slumber.
The game comes with 30 normal game-play stages in total, and has an extra stage with a higher difficulty level once all the others have been completed.

Sensei! Kawai-kun is sleeping again! is available now to download for free on the iOS store and on the Google Play store.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.