You may have noticed a recent spike in businesses in Japan using the appeal of ninja to attract foreign visitors, including a ninja bar that replaces darts with shuriken and even a VR ninja training dojo. Hotel chain Apartment Hotel Mimaru (which recently debuted Pokémon rooms rooms equipped with giant Snorlax plushies) is now jumping in on the shadowy operative fun with new full blown ninja-themed rooms, supervised by the official Japan Ninja Council.

The Ninja Room's layout was a collaborative effort with the Japan Ninja Council, which conducts academic research on ninja and promotes education regarding their history. Mimaru are known for their spacious family-friendly rooms and fully stocked kitchens, and the Ninja Room is no different as it features six single beds and one bunk bed, accommodating up to eight adults. In addition, the room displays six different types of shuriken, ninja scrolls with ninja tips, and ninja paintings by ukiyo-e artist Hiroshi Hirakawa.

There is also a Premium Ninja Room available with a sushi counter for home parties.

Mimaru says they will continue to collaborate with the Japan Ninja Council for events, including a "ninja hunting game" that can net guests gifts. The Ninja Room and Premium Ninja room are currently only available at Mimaru's Ueno Okachi Machi location, and can be reserved here.

By - Big Neko.