The grasp that Ghibli has on the world is so vast that you can now own your own Ghibli inspired skateboard.

GBL is a Japanese brand that describes itself as producing “american style” merchandise with a focus on iconic Ghibli characters and designs. As part of a new line-up the company has just released a range of Ghibli inspired skateboards.

Up until now GBL has been trading their products through Japan’s official seller of Ghibli items; Donguri Republic. However, from the 28th of July, GBL will be opening its first official store fully dedicated to selling GBL merchandise. The new shop will also be selling limited edition merchandise that can only be bought in store.
The four skateboard decks will be amongst some of the first items to go on sell at the new store when it opens.

The full-scale decks are made of Canadian maple wood, which is renowned for the quality of it’s hardness and durability. The wood is also lightweight, making the decks easy to ride for skateboarders of all abilities.
GBL is only selling the skate decks as they are, and will not include trucks, wheels or any other parts required for actual riding. For those hoping to ride the decks, these can easily be obtained from any skateboarding store, who will also fit the parts correctly to the board.
Without riding equipment, these boards make for the perfect accentuation for any Ghibli-lover’s home, and can be displayed on the wall, on a shelf or in a cabinet.

GBL Ghibli Skate Decks

Price: 12,000 yen
Material: Canadian Maple Wood
Size: W205mm x H800mm x D10mm
Weight: 1.2kg

Laputa Castle in the Sky Robot Soldier Skateboard Deck and Spirited Away No-face and the Bathhouse Soldier Skateboard Deck.

My Neighbour Totoro Cat Bus Skateboard Deck and My Neighbour Totoro Opening Credits Skateboard Deck.

All of these skateboard decks will be available to purchase from the new GBL MIYASHITA PARK store when it opens in Shibuya on the 28th of July.
Keep an eye out of the GBL instagram account for more Ghibli inspired goods.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.