In October 2019, Japanese stationery brand Kokuyo launched a new lineup called KOKUYO ME, based on their concept of "Life Accessories." The lineup of notebooks, pens, folders and other accessories allows you to mix and match colors just like fashion accessories.

Bringing the experience online

Originally, Kokuyo wanted to let customers experience matching items for themselves in the store, so KOKUYO ME was an in-store only experience. However, they received feedback from some customers who found it inconvenient to go to stores. (It's quite possible that the novel coronavirus pandemic was a factor as well).

To accommodate these needs and to create a new experience to highlight the KOKUYO ME experience, Kokuyo created a new web application (called MY ME) through which you can coordinate items to your heart's content. You can select the background color, arrange items in your favorite colors, and try out color combinations you don't usually choose. Click on a button to drop all the items in your basket, and then it's easy to purchase them online at the KOKUYO SHOP.

You can also save your coordination image and share it on social media. For example, since purple is our favorite color at grape Japan, we used the app to coordinate a nice selection of items like this:

Screen cap from Kokuyo's MY ME web app | © Kokuyo Co., Ltd.

Visit KOKUYO ME's page here to learn more about the KOKUYO ME stationery line, try the web app for yourself and make purchases.

By - Ben K.