The humble tea bag can jazzed up in all manner of ways. We’ve seen ones shaped like various creatures from the deep, and even some that mimic the magical tanuki. But a range which should appeal to tea-loving cat people comes courtesy of a website called Tea Boutique.

Their collection of feline-themed tea bags are called ‘Japan Cat Cafe’ and include awesome additions inspired by Japanese culture and history such as the maiko and ninja cat green tea. Their tea bags have cutely designed attachments, featuring cat illustrations, which hook onto the ridge of the teacup, allowing the tea bag to brew while acting as a kitty companion for your tea break.

These latest offerings were made with the seasons in mind, and are perfect for the coming post-summer blues.

A mysterious black cat instantly makes one think of Halloween, and each tea bag pet is taking a dip in the very fall-appropriate maple tea, while surrounded by pretty autumn leaves. These would be great while curling up to enjoy a scary movie in October. One without a lot of jump scares obviously...

Moving on to winter, the feline stars are snowy white and wrapped up nice and warm, while relaxing in the hot apple tea under falling snowflakes. They would look particularly festive decorating your mug over the holiday period.

These and other cat tea bag creations can be found online, where it seems the Japanese culture teas are back in stock too!

By - Jess.