Tokyo’s iconic skyline, as viewed from the city’s various observation decks, never gets old. But thanks to various projection mapping events, it can be experienced in various new stunning ways when visiting the most iconic viewing spot, Tokyo Tower.

Creative company Naked have set their projection mapping expertise to Tokyo Tower’s observation decks before, running events such as the ‘Night Sakura’ installation which brought the pink petals of cherry blossom season to a digital indoor viewing event.

The campaign currently running at Tokyo Tower is for the fans of Sanrio’s cute characters, as well as those who can’t resist the pastel aesthetic.

The event is called 'Twinkle Color Miracle' and involves the popular duo, Little Twin Stars. The characters are known individually as Kiki and Lala, and their light pink and blue colour schemes have been used as the main motif of the takeover. Since 'Twinkle Color Miracle' is a summer event, the digital art includes seasonal references such as pastel fireworks, the sea and Tanabata decorations, as well as the characters themselves frolicking across the Tokyo cityscape.

The three minute animation will be shown on the second floor of the main deck, wrapping the window of the north side and taking up about 30 metres. Being a nighttime show, the event doesn’t start until 7.00 pm and continues until the tower’s closing time. (The projection mapping will start from 6.30 pm from 27th August until the end of the event on 22nd September.

Lovers of cute food will also be pleased to know that some Kiki and Lala inspired refreshments are available at the main deck’s first floor cafe, including awesome Tokyo Tower themed ice cream cones.

There’s no extra cost to enjoy the Twinkle Color Miracle event, just the usual price of entry to Tokyo Tower. As the tower's opening hours have been affected by the current pandemic, remember to check the schedule before you go on their website.

By - Jess.