If your default image of convenience store food is instant meals and junk food snacks, 7-11's in Japan might be a surprise for you. Even on a tight budget, you can find the ingredients to whip up a full course meal. Japanese Twitter user and YouTuber Shiori (@_si_yo_ri_) is offering some amazing proof of that, having arranged a gorgeous and delicious traditional Japanese gourmet meal using only ingredients purchased from a 7-11!

The breakfast meal, which looks as if it could be served at a traditional Japanese inn, consists of the following:

Salted grilled mackerel

Dashimaki tamago (rolled Japanese egg omelette with dashi)

Sauced burdock root

Hijiki (a savory seaweed salad)

Sauteed soy pulp and vegetables

Green onion miso soup


Takuan (pickled daikon radish)

And of course, some white rice.

Obviously, some expert photography by Shiori adds to the aesthetic of the meal, but even with the impressive staging, it's surprising to know that the tableware is all acquired from Japanese 100 yen shop, Daiso. The breakfast itself clocks in at just 1127 yen!

In a video below, Shiori guides you through the preparation process.

By - Big Neko.