Often at Japanese schools, students will be tasked with coming up with their own independent research project to conduct during summer vacation. For the 27-year-old brother of Japanese Twitter user Takasusuki (@Amimi611), it appeared to be more of a hobby than an actual school assignment.

Takasusuki recently shared the following video of a "robotic" double hand that moves its digits in response to its wearer. It's even more impressive when you consider what the hand is actually made out of!

"This is my brother's (age 27) independent reserach project for summer vacation. It seems he's improved the durability. The materials used as wire, rubber bands, and kite string."

Takasusuki shared a text from their brother, who said they didn't use any reference material and just made the hand from scratch on their own, making it even more awesome.

While it seems to mostly be a project just for fun, the brother also made this prototype version available on minne.

The incredibly detailed and wiry second hand has impressed many on Twitter, where hopefully you can see more updates in the future!

By - Big Neko.