Starbucks Japan’s temporary closure and subsequent lack of seasonal beverages probably wasn't everyone's number one worry over the summer. But hopefully the return of the ubiquitous coffee chain’s limited-time-only treats will bring joy to iced beverage enthusiasts all over Japan, and help everyone forget about their cancelled summer plans with a brand new autumn drink duo.

Source: Starbucks Japan

So after a long wait, the newest Frappuccino has been revealed. The Chocolate Chestnut Frappuccino is bursting with fall flavour thanks to the whole chestnuts blended into the mix. The creamy beverage also contains copious amounts of chocolate to complement the chestnut taste, with chestnut cacao sauce marbled throughout the drink.

Source: Starbucks Japan

For those who prefer a comforting hot drink on their autumn stroll, there’s the Chocolate Chestnut Latte. The chestnut cacao sauce has been melted into steamed milk and espresso for this fall-themed beverage.

Both drinks are topped with chocolate flakes and candied cacao nibs.

Source: Starbucks Japan

This couple of chestnut creations aren’t the only fall treats on offer. Coffee fans can also enjoy the Autumn Latte which is made with Starbucks’ own Autumn Blend coffee beans.

All these autumn offerings will go on sale from 2nd September just in time for the changing season. The Frappuccino will only be sold until 22nd September while the two lattes are sticking around for a bit longer until 31st October.

By - Jess.