Tully's Coffee release plenty of awesome drinks exclusive to Japan. Some are for special events, like the ruby chocolate Valentine's Day creations that were sold earlier this year, or seasonal like the spring flowers range. But their latest beverage is inspired by a traditional taste of Japan.

This drink was created as an entry to Tully’s Barista Contest 2019 by a Tully’s Coffee Manager in Sapporo called Kudo Ayaka. She set out to formulate a coffee with a uniquely Japanese taste as per the theme of last year’s competition, and it won ‘Best Signature Drink’.

Now the beverage is actually coming to Tully’s stores to be sampled by coffee fans all over Japan.

The lengthy name of the drink is ‘Konpeito Kinako Caramel Latte Salty Flavour’ which pretty much describes all the components in one go. But here’s a breakdown anyway.

Kinako is roasted soybean flour, an ingredient which is often found in Japanese desserts and has been added to the espresso base for an added Japanese twist. The drink has also been drizzled with a salty caramel sauce.

Konpeito are traditional sweets which may be recognisable to anime fans as the little colourful candy that are gathered up by the soot sprites in Spirited Away. These star shaped sweets have been sprinkled on top of the drink as a final touch to add extra sweetness and prettiness.

Autumn is on its way and this sweet beverage can be copped in either hot or iced, which is perfect for the changeable fall weather.

The drink will be available from 2nd September and will cost between 480 and 580 yen depending on size.

By - Jess.