Recently, we've seen transparency used to create some visually fascinating sweets that include traditional Japanese confectionery that reveal a different scene with each slice, gorgeous cakes that recreate masterpiece art by Monet, and even jiggly buff bodybuilder tea ceremony snacks!

Japanese sweets artist Tomei (@tomeinohito) makes their name off it ("tomei" means "invisible" or "transparent" in Japanese), however, and perhaps why their creations work stand out and are so popular.

One of tomei's latest works has particularly been garnering attention and praise online lately, and and that's a gorgeous gelatin cake that recreates a serene blue sky filled with swirling clouds. Tomei shared photos, as well as a soothing video of the making of the cake on Twitter, with the caption "To those of you who ever dreamed of eating the sky, of eating the clouds."

Take a look at this stunning cake that lets you eat the sky (long form YouTube version here):

Tomei even whipped up an equally pretty and delicious-looking sunset version!

And even a spherical version of the night sky:

According to Tomei, many of the cakes seem to be inspired by the childlike fantasy of wondering what a cloud or star would taste like. The sweets certainly have a dreamlike quality to them (particularly in the making of videos), and capture the wonder of sky above at any time of day while looking delicious at the same time.

For more stunning artistic sweets, be sure to follow Tomei on Twitter and Instagram, as well as watch their making of videos for their cakes on YouTube.

By - Big Neko.