Source: PR Times

Bandai releases stylish Mobile Suit Gundam sneakers

Mobile Suit Gundam has always dominated the plastic model world, but thanks to a recent celebration of its 40th anniversary, we've seen its merchandise kingdom expand to Gundam head model traditional cast iron kettles and tofu, and even stylish watches from Seiko.

Sneaker heads can now count themselves among lucky fans of the iconic anime, as Bandai has teamed up with Japanese sneaker brand SPINGLE MOVE to release three stylish sneakers inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam.

The new sneakers come in three classic Mobile Suit-inspired models: RX-78-2 model (ivory), MS-06F model (green), and MS-06S model (red), and feature logos and text of the Earth Federation Space Force (E.F.S.F.), Zeon forces, and Red Comet in the case of Char.

The smooth leather sneakers' sole and upper portion are bonded in a vulcanization kiln, feature adjustable Velcro straps.




All three sneakers can be ordered online from bandai's Strict-G online Gundam apparel store until October 24th, as well as in person at Strict-G Tokyo and Shizuoka locations.

By - Big Neko.