Japanese Twitter user and illustrator Yukimon (@Yuki112071) writes in their profile that they are currently studying to pursue a career as a background artist. For practice, the artist posts digital, water color, and color pencil illustrations to their Twitter.

One look at their latest piece will convince you that Yukimon may not need to study much longer. The talented artist recently posted this picture of a ticket gate found at Japanese train stations, and it's so realistic people are having a hard time believing it's not an actual photograph.

Source: @Yuki112071

"I drew a ticket gate. It was a very satisfying picture!

While fellow artists have zoomed in on certain details that they say proves it's a painstakingly detailed illustration, many are understandably stunned. Reflections of ceiling lamps, details of the actual booth, and glowing commuter pass signals have many thinking you could actually put a ticket into it.

For more awesome artwork, follow Yukimon on Twitter. If you're in Japan, you can also check out their original goods on Booth.

By - Big Neko.