Whether you're looking for a unique and thoughtful gift or want to treat yourself, this beautiful incense shaped like fallen leaves is sure to please.

Made by Kunjudo, a historic incense company founded on Awaji Island in 1893, this specially molded paper incense, called HA KO (葉香, literally "leaf aroma"), has been a best-selling product ever since it was released last year. It can be used both as potpourri as a decorative element, with the aroma remaining for three months, or burned as incense. Simply light the tip, blow out the flame and let the aroma waft through your room.

The original series included spicy jasmine, agarwood, elegant citrus, sandalwood, smoky cinnamon, white floral, green grass and true aqua. The second series was a stylish black leaf which came in three varieties.

HA KO Autumn and Winter

Now, Kunjudo is releasing its third major product lineup in the HA KO series, a volley of two seasonal sets for autumn and winter.

The two series feature leaf shapes from some of Japan's most famous trees such as the Japanese maple, the sawtooth oak and the camphor tree, which provided a home for the titular character in My Neighbor Totoro.


Aroma: Autumn osmanthus / Shape: Japanese maple

Aroma: Autumn fennel / Shape: Gingko

Aroma: Autumn sudachi / Shape: Citrus


Aroma: Fir Tree / Shape: Holly

Aroma: Winter Cedar / Shape: Sawtooth oak

Aroma: Sweet ginger / Shape: Camphor

You can purchase leaves individually for 380 JPY + tax apiece, or buy them in the following boxed sets containing a mix of new and existing incense varieties:

Autumn Set

Price: 2,200 JPY + tax

Contains: Wooden box; HA KO: Autumn osmanthus, Autumn fennel, Autumn sudachi, Agarwood and Spicy Jasmine.

Winter Set

Price: 2,200 JPY + tax

Contains: Woodden box; HA KO: Fir tree, Winter Cedar, Sweet ginger, Agarwod, Spicy jasmine.

Fall / Winter Set

Price: 8,500 JPY + tax

Contains: Wooden box; Artisan-crafted ceramic plate; HA KO: Autumn osmanthus, Autumn fennel, Autumn sudachi, Fir tree, Winter Cedar, Sweet ginger.

You can buy this latest HA KO series from their online shop here. Our Grape Shop also sells the original and the black leaf series.

By - Ben K.