Themed cafes are a massive part of fan culture in Japan, which probably explains why all the coolest character themed menus seem to take place in Japan. Whether it’s a classic childhood anime like Hamtaro, or a globally adored franchise like Pokemon, Japan is the place to be if you like to eat burgers that look like your favourite character.

These latest burgers-with-a-recognisable-face come courtesy of ‘Oh My Cafe’ in Tokyo, which is hosting a Winnie the Pooh themed limited time only menu from this month. This cafe has also previously held Frozen and Pixar pop-up cafes, so it seems to be a place to watch for ardent Disney fans.

The ‘Winnie the Pooh Hunny’s Cafe’ makes an appearance every year to great success, and this year’s specific theme is ‘Hunny’s Cafe in Strange Dreams’. The extensive menu includes main dishes, drinks and desserts, all inspired by the inhabitants of Hundred Acre Wood.

Like the strange dreams concept, the Winnie the Pooh chicken burger (1890 yen plus tax) is deep in slumber.

And so is this adorable Winnie the Pooh curry rice (1590 yen plus tax).

The pink tones of Piglet’s glass salad (990 yen plus tax) is made from beets and tomato, with the timid little pig himself decorating the top.

Same for Tigger’s salad (890 yen plus tax), but with pumpkin and carrot to create his signature stripy fur.

Lots of other recognisable faces can be seen in the drink lineup, like Kanga and Roo’s cafe latte (890 yen plus tax) and Eeyore’s grape yoghurt drink (890 yen plus tax) among others.

And for a hot drink during the cold season, the cafe is also offering up a ‘Honey au Lait’ (790 yen plus tax), complete with adorable latte art.

If you’re thinking yeah, that’s a fairly good Winnie the Pooh theme, but the real deal would involve a good deal more honey, then the ‘Honey Fair’ running from 20th November to 27th December is when you should visit for the real Hundred Acre Wood experience.

Many of the previously mentioned dishes are getting a honey revamp, including Pooh’s ‘Honey Burger’ and ‘Honey Apple Curry’.

Those who book ahead will receive a place mat as a present, selected randomly from four original designs. If you spend more than 2500 yen (not including tax) in the cafe or gift shop you will also be gifted a small plate with the cafe's logo.

Apart from that, of course there’s plenty of adorable merchandise for Disney fans to get their sticky honey-covered paws on, many of which carry on the 'strange dreams' theme.

The cafe is being produced by ‘Oh My Cafe’, but not hosted there unlike some of their other Disney revelries, it can be found in ‘Story Story’ which is located on 10th floor of Odakyu department store main building in Shinjuku. It will run from now until 31st January 2021, giving plenty of time for Pooh fans to stroll on down.

By - Jess.