Vietnamese bubble tea chain Mot Tram have brought plenty of interesting boba offerings to Japan, including Kyoto wagashi creations, mint chocolate treats and even the towering ‘Mega Mot Tram’, a drink of bubble tea majesty which makes up an impressive volume of 1 litre and stands at 26 centimetres tall. They are also the first bubble tea stand in Japan to hand-knead their fresh tapioca.

Now exclusive to their Osaka stores they’ve come up with a Halloween boba concoction to thoroughly get into the spirit of the ghoulish festival.

This spooktastic brew, ‘Ripe Pumpkin Milk’, is a seasonally appropriate blend of pumpkin and white chocolate giving it an orange hue. The chocolate spider web and biscuit pieces, which decorate the whipped cream peak, give it the black colour needed to complete the classic Halloween colour combo.

Mot Tram’s signature fresh tapioca can be found swimming at the bottom of the beverage.

This Halloween season-only beverage will be sold at Mot Tram’s Namba Honten, Umeda Chayamachi and Tennoji branches in Osaka for 650 yen until 31st October. But if you happen to be in Kyoto rather than Osaka you can still check out their wagashi-inspired range which features a matcha dango combination, or warabi mochi in boba form.

By - Jess.