Recently, McDonald's Japan brought back their ‘rice burger’ range, which includes rice patties in place of buns. Rice is undeniably a staple food in Japan, and many people don’t feel like they’ve had a full dinner until they experience that comforting rice taste. Thanks to this widespread preference for rice over bread, the rice burger lineup, including three burgers, has been super popular ever since its inception.

Now another classic is joining their ranks. The Double Cheeseburger has been revamped as the ‘Gohan Dabuchi’, as ‘gohan’ means rice, and ‘Dabuchi’ is a Japanese nickname for the Double Cheeseburger.

The Double Cheeseburger is one of the franchise’s most popular standard burgers, so the rice burger version should be a happy addition for those who rate rice as their favourite carb.

While the specially made rice bun, which has a savoury soy sauce glaze, adds something new to the mix, the burger itself is the same iconic set up of ingredients and seasoning.

The rice burgers are part of ‘Yoru Mac’ (Night Mac), an evening-only menu which starts from 5pm onwards. The Gohan Dabuchi costs 390 yen on its own, or 690 yen for a ‘value set’ meal.

Sadly, the sale of this rice burger heavy hitter is only happening for a short stint, and will disappear from McDonald's Japan in early November, so you’ll have to grab one fast if you want to try it out!

By - Jess.