With lobster mayo nugget sauce, purple potato and chocolate sauce fries, and even the strangely named Adult Cream Pies, McDonald's Japan's seasonal offerings never come to a stand still. That trend continues with their latest addition to their Yoru Mac (Night Mac) menu--McDonald Japan's first ever rice burgers!

The Yoru Mac (Night Mac) is a special dinner-time menu available starting from 5:00 PM at McDonald's in Japan which allows customers to double the amount of meat on their burger for 100 yen. The new series of rice burgers, which replaces buns with 100% domestic rice thickly packed and cooked in savory soy sauce is being promoted with the phrase "gohan, dekita yo!", which is used to say "dinner is served!", but literally translates to "the rice is ready". McDonald's Japan previously teased the release on with a Tweet saying they were craving rice. While other rice burgers, notably Mos Burger's, have been available in Japan, this is McDonald's Japan's first crack

The new lineup takes three of their popular burgers (Teriyaki McBurger, Chicken Filet, and Bacon Lettuce Burger) and sandwiches them between saucy rice buns.

Gohan Teriyaki

Gohan Bacon Lettuce

Gohan Chicken Filet

The new rice bun burger lineup will be released at McDonald's Japan starting February 5th and run until the middle of May, exclusively as part of the nighttime Yoru Mac menu.

By - Big Neko.