While Japanese katsu, curry, and rice bowl chain Katsuya is a favorite of those seeking a quick and filling meal, some of their latest heavy duty servings may keep you in your seat a while for a post-meal nap. With meaty udon chicken katsu bowls, spicy cornflake chicken katsu, and absolutely loaded bento boxes, those looking for a stomach stuffer can do worse than to pop into a Katsuya.

Katsu lovers can continue to count on that with Katsuya's latest release, the "Heaps of bacon and chicken katsu bowl".

The bowl is part of a new lineup that combines crispy chicken katsu with slabs of bacon, which are topped off with a dollop of mayonnaise, cabbage, black pepper, and Temari soy sauce (a darker soy sauce with more umami flavor).

While the protein-packed meal is available as a rice bowl, it can also be purchased sans-rice, in a set with miso soup and side of rice, or a takeaway bento for either option.

The crispy chicken and heaps of bacon katsu series will be available at Katsuya stores throughout Japan starting November 19th, but are limited to a quantity of 150,000 meals.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.