Earlier this year it was announced that a Pixar themed bullet train would be speeding through south Japan in honour of the 25th anniversary of Toy Story, the world’s first fully CG animated film.

But another cheaper and easier way to celebrate the movie’s anniversary will be landing in Japan’s 7-Eleven branches this month, and it comes in the form of some super cute character-inspired wagashi.

Wagashi is a term to describe a wide range of traditional Japanese sweets. In this case, the treats are made from nerikiri, a soft and malleable sweet made from a white bean paste and mochi dough. Since it can be easily coloured, moulded and carved into various shapes, it is often used to create aesthetically pleasing confections.

These convenience store sweets are part of a range called ‘Tabemasu’ which creates adorably detailed depictions of various famous characters. For the Toy Story range, there’s two characters appearing.

The instantly recognisable Aliens have appeared before as wagashi in 7-Eleven, but their irresistible cuteness has lead to them being chosen once again. The claw-revering extraterrestrial toys have a matcha filling to match their green skin.

The second is a new entry to the Tabemasu lineup of character creations, the (spoiler alert) antagonist of Toy Story 3, Lotso. Of course, his sweet filling is strawberry flavour to match his image.

The tasty duo can be found in 7-Eleven from 21st November for 258 yen each (plus tax).

By - Jess.