Right after Halloween ended, stores already switched to the Christmas interiors and products in Japan.

Kaldi Coffee Farm is one of the stores that immediately released more than 200 Christmas products and items, from traditional sweets, coffee to Advent Calendars, and gifts.

Here are some of my picks:

1. Advent calendars

Kaldi has released so many advent calendars, and it makes it so hard to decide what to choose.


The designs and prices differ, and here are some of my personal favorites:

Wood House Calendar

This one is so adorable and has tiny wooden houses filled with delicious chocolate to sweeten every day of the month to come.

I love its appearance, and you can make use of the tiny houses afterward.

You can buy it here for 3,278 yen.

Christmas Santa’s House Wooden Calendar

This one is inspired by Santa’s house, as you probably figure out from its name.


The chocolates are in the small wooden drawers at the base of the house.

It has Santa, a Christmas tree, and cutely wrapped chocolates and candies, so I find it adorable.

Its price is 3,608 yen, and you can find it here.

Christmas Market

My third favorite one is the Christmas Market Calendar, which again is made of wood and has little drawers with numbers that hide the delicious chocolates and candies.

It costs 3,498 yen, and you can find it online here.

The above ones are just my personal favorites, but you can find many options on their official website (prices are from 300 yen to 4,000 yen).

2. Gingerbread and other Christmas Edition Sweets

One of my recommendations is the Kopernik Torunski Pierniki gingerbread (pierniki refers to the traditional gingerbread from Poland).


I like the heart-shaped design and the icing decoration, and it goes amazing with coffee!

Besides, you can find more options here.


3. Noel Coffee

Noel is a limited edition Christmas Coffee that goes well with sweets (such as the gingerbread mentioned above). It has a pleasant scent of chocolate and nuts, quite a strong and bitter taste, but with a nice, soft scent.

You can buy either beans or Noel Drip Coffee.

4. Various ornaments and seasonal recommendations

From decorations, Christmas socks to sweets, here you can see what Kaldi came up with this winter. There are a lot of cute ornaments, but I still go for sweets, and my favorite seasonal recommendation is the Assorted Chocolate Bag.


In it, you will find jelly, sweets, and a Santa Claus made out of chocolate. It costs only 324 yen, and it can be a great present for your children.

5. Gifts

Here you can find many gift choices for Christmas, and my favorite one is the Mosel Riesling Christmas Bottle.

Wine makes such a great gift to someone, and what is better for Christmas than wine in a Christmas tree-shaped bottle?

You can choose from either rose or white wine, and a bottle costs around 1,969 yen.

It looks elegant, and I’m sure whoever gets it will appreciate the gift.

You can check out more products besides the seasonal ones mentioned above on Kaldi’s official website.

Also, keep in mind that many have a limited stock, so if you plan on ordering online, you should hurry before it gets sold out.

By - cinnamonellie.