If you're a cat lover who particularly loves the squishy paws of your feline friends, Japan has quite a few products--namely eyeglasses that simulate a cat hugging your nose and kitty paw socks that make it easy to walk on hardwood floors--that'll likely tickle your fancy. Now thanks to coconeco glass, there's a kitty paw answer to bubbly glasses that turn your drinks into shiba inu with the cat foot glass.

Much like their shiba inu counterparts, these cat paw-shaped glasses use a rounded type of frosted glass to create a bubbly design intended to mimic the fluffy foot of a cat, along with pink paw stamp on the bottom of the glass.

They're sold with several different "fur" patterns, which can be filled out with the beverage of your choice to replicate a variety of feline looks.

While they're intended for us humans, of course they're kitty-friendly as well.

Those looking to give a toast with a bubbly cat paw mug can find them on Amazon, although if you're in Japan you can find them from oddity and bookstore Village Vanguard (linked in Facebook post above) or at our Japanese page's grape shop.

By - Big Neko.