Francfranc is a Japanese company founded in 1990 that focuses on home interior and furniture.

It is a popular place to shop for glassware and items to decorate your house and, at the same time, a perfect place when choosing a gift for someone.

The interior of the stores looks cozy, very aesthetic, and inside, you can find a variety of products from Christmas decorations and sets to furniture, tableware, blankets, humidifiers, and other cute ornaments and items that will make your room look adorable.

From the 25th of November, Francfranc started to use the “Uber Eats” delivery service at three stores in Tokyo even though food is not something they sell.

It is the first furniture and home interior company to do so, and the reason for that is to fulfill the customers’ wishes, but also to deliver their feelings in the quickest way to their dear ones.

By starting this service, the people who don’t have enough time to go shopping can easily access the application, order the items online, and get them delivered in a couple of minutes.

As Christmas is coming, it is a great way to show someone your feelings of gratitude, too, so you can surprise them by buying some cute decorations online and get it to deliver right at the front door.

It isn’t just Christmas, but conveying your feelings through a small gift during this period, especially, will surely bring a smile to that someone who is receiving the present.

Because we want to protect our dear ones during pandemic times, many of us choose to stay home and refrain from meeting other people, too. 

This service will allow us to show a bit of appreciation and send our feelings to others, as well.

The stores that currently offer the delivery service are:

Also, the service will last until the 31st of March 2021.

You can check more on the Francfranc Official Website.

By - cinnamonellie.