Japanese gaming accessory and furniture brand Bauhutte is used to making gamers comfortable with their ultimate gaming onesies featuring toilet systems and isolation tents, but their newest effort is to help people when they're not playing video games: a chiropractic treatment service for gamers with aches and bad posture.

The therapeutic session is conducted by licensed professionals in conjunction with Hyogo prefecture's Naruo Pit chiropractic clinic. Bauhutte is supervising the course after studying gamer posture and body ache concerns via a questionnaire of 1,000 gamers.

Their are four available courses depending on your particular concern, and the doctor will even observe your posture in gaming furniture provided by Bauhutte to correct any bad habits you may have.

The Update Course (6,000 yen~) is for those who experience lower back pain an need treatment around their waist or pelvis. The Headshot course (6,000 yen~) seeks to alleviate neck pain and stiff shoulders, as well as headaches. The Aim Course (2,500 yen~) takes care of wrist and finger discomfort. Then there's the Cheat Course (15,300 yen~) that is for heavy gamers who experience full body pain.

The limited edition treatment campaign will run for just three months (from December 1st until the end of February). Inquiries and reservations can be made by contacting the official LINE account of the Hyogo-based clinic (@ dut0697q) or via their website.

By - Big Neko.