Pikachu has certainly earned his place as the top of the Pokémon popularity food chain. That's probably why he's entrusted with such time-consuming duties such as announcing over 100 Pokémon-themed manhole covers to be installed in Japan.

It looks like he is being kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule, however, to specifically hang out with you. At least, that's the premise behind a new 15-minute long ASMR video released by the official Pokémon YouTube channel.

The video description says the Pikachu ASMR experience is a simulation of spending "a lazy sunny afternoon with the playful Pikachu romping around the room." It's certainly that, as it features Pikachu running through a range of emotions with his extremely limited vocabulary (to be fair, he takes breaks to nap--and talk in his sleep).

It's not quite as off-the-wall as the sizzling fried chicken ASMR we saw released earlier this year, but it is quite an experience!

By - Big Neko.