If you think that Hot Pots can only consist of a type of soup filled with vegetables and meat and/or fish, then you would be mildly mistaken. These vibrant and tasty ‘Parfait Hot Pots’ from Saga Prefecture are so indulgent that you won’t be able to stop your mouth from watering.

The full meal set comes with the ingredients for both an Onsen Tofu Hot Pot (Yudofu) and three different types of sweet ‘Parfait Hot Pot’ as well as their recipes. The set is perfect for an at-home family christmas or new year meal; first Enjoy a Yudofu main meal and then move on to a dessert of your choice, or if you’ve got the space why not mix all the ingredients into one super Parfait Hot Pot!

Developed by Saga Prefectural Product Distribution Design Corporation as part of the Saga Support Love Campaign which aims at encouraging and expanding the consumption of prefectural products, the Parfait Hot Pots are filled to the brim with tasty treats cultivated and grown in the prefecture.

The Parfait Hot Pots are available for pre-order alongside an “Onsen Tofu Hot Pot set” until 15 December and will be shipped out from 17 December 2020.
The company had to increase the available Hot Pot sets after the original limited 30 sets sold out within just one day. They have also released the recipe for those who are unable to purchase the set within the time frame, and would like to make it from scratch.

After enjoying a meal of Yudofu, add a sachet of powdered agar sugar to the nabe soy milk soup to transform it into a jellified soy milk flavoured agar. Then simply add the ingredients of your choice from Saga prefecture for a quick and easy dessert! The use of the soy milk from the Yudofu nabe means that no food goes wasted.

The parfait sets includes the ingredients for three different Parfait Hot Pots – Saga Prefecture Mikan Parfait Hot Pot, Saga Prefecture Strawberry Hot Pot and the unique Seaweed and Red Bean Paste Hot Pot.
The size and amount can be adjusted to your liking, so you can enjoy either a large Hot Pot with your family, or a small Hot Pot for one or two people.

Saga Prefecture Mikan Parfait Hot Pot

Layer orange segments on top of one another to resemble the petals of a flower in full bloom, and let the Mikan Parfait Hot Pot help you dream of a bright future. The sweet and sour flavour of Saga Prefecture’s Mikan oranges mixes well with rich whipped cream and sweet colourful bite-sized yokan pieces.

Ingredients included in the set: Saga Prefecture mikan, soy milk mochi, milk cookies, yokan slices.
Not Included: Whipped cream

Saga Prefecture Strawberry Parfait Hot Pot

Create this luxurious Strawberry Parfait Hot Pot by topping your soy milk agar mixture with soy milk mochi, a dollop of ice cream, milk cookies and Saga Prefecture’s branded strawberries ‘Ichigo-san’. Finish it all off with a sprinkling of frozen strawberry shavings, tart strawberry pouring sauce and an accent of bite-sized yokan pieces.

Ingredients included in the set: Frozen Ichigo-san strawberries and slices, soy milk mochi, milk cookies, yokan slices.
Not Included: Ice cream

Seaweed and Red Bean Parfait Hot Pot

This unique Parfait Hot Pot is perfect for those who enjoy the harmony of sweet and saltiness. Top the soy milk agar mixture with a generous helping of red bean paste from Saga Prefecture’s popular confectionery shop ‘Kashin Maruichi’, and a sprinkle of delicate shaved saga nori. For the ultimate Saga Seaweed and Red Bean Parfait Hot Pot, accent the dish with milk cookies, Ichigo-san strawberries and slices of yokan.

Ingredients included in the set: Red bean paste from Kashin Maruichi, Saga nori, frozen Ichigo-san strawberries, soy milk mochi, milk cookies, yokan slices.
Not Included: Whipped cream

Saga Prefecture Parfait Hot Pot Set

Price: 10,000 yen (includes tax and shipping fees) Sale Period: Thursday 3 December – Tuesday 15 December 2020 Shipping Schedule: Nationwide shipping from Thursday 17 December 2020

Parfait Hot Pot Set Contents:

1 – Yudofu nabe set
2 – Soy milk mochi
3 – Ichigo-san frozen strawberries and slices
4 – Saga Prefecture mikan
5 – Saga nori
6 – Ogi yokan slice
7 – Kashin Maruichi red bean paste
8 – Milk cookies (marubouro cookies)
9 – Powdered agar sugar

To reserve a set head over to the official website and place an order.

Basic instructions for how to enjoy a Seaweed and Red Bean Parfait Hot Pot

*You can easily make these Hot Pots from scratch with store bought ingredients, if you are unable to order from Saga Prefecture’s 10,000 yen campaign within the time limit.

Step 1: Enjoy the Yudofu nabe with plenty of vegetables.

Step 2: Add some magic powered agar to the remaining soy milk soup.

Step 3: Place the mixture in the fridge for a while

Step 4: Start adding your favourite toppings (strawberry sauce, soy milk mochi, ice cream, whipped cream etc)

Step 5: Divide the milk cookies into 4 equal parts and distribute them evenly around the side of the bowl.

Step 6: Place a large helping of red bean paste onto the ice cream and add some dollops of whipped cream to fill in the gaps.

STEP 7: Finish it all off with some Ichigo-san strawberries, yokan slices and a sprinkle of Saga nori.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.