Pikachu sure has been busy lately. Between turning himself into an inflatable "horse" you can ride around on, personally announcing 100 Pokémon manholes installed in Japan, and even lending his likeness to the official Pokémon lingerie collection, the flagship Pokémon leaves very few holes in his schedule.

Pikachu seems to always have time for Monpoké, a lineup of maternity items and baby goods. This time Pikachu is headed to the restroom, however, to potty train children and teach them how to take a Poké-poop!

The Pikachu training functions as both a potty-training device on its own and one that can be used in combination with an actual training, meant to "transform" between tree steps as your child grows and learns to respond to the call of nature.

"Step 1" use is intended for children 1-year-old and slightly above, using the device and it's removable reception tray. "Step 2" is for kids 18 months and above, using the detachable Pikachu lid to place on top of a standard toilet seat. The third step is for 2-year-olds and above, using the detachable lid the same way and the rest of the device as a stool.

Monpoké highlights that the Pikachu handle is reversible so kids can feel at home and comfortable, "facing Pikachu" and grabbing onto him as they handle their business. As you can see, Pikachu looks on very reassuringly.

The Pikachu Training Toilet can be purchased in Japan from Toys R Us/Babies R Us stores in November (6,500 yen for the lid and device, 3,600 yen for the lid alone), as well as ordered from Monpoké's online store, along with several other new goods.

By - Big Neko.