Baba, a member of comedian trio “Robert”, has been well known to be quite a chef ever since his he first showed off his cooking skills on TV. He even published a recipe book as a chef-comedian.

Baba has his own Youtube cooking channel named “Baba Gohan (meals)”, and he introduces many of his original recipes.

The videos are not only for cooking lovers, but also are beginner friendly. The video contents are made simple and easy to understand, which is why another one of his videos has gained attention lately.

Today, we would like to introduce his original stuffed-pepper recipe.

Ingredients (For two servings):

10 Japanese green peppers

150g ground chicken thigh

1 bag Enoki mushroom

Shredded cheese

1 tbs corn starch

Salt & pepper

If you want to see the whole cooking process, take a look at his video below on Youtube!

You can tell that Baba is quite skilled and knows his way in the kitchen, making it look easy as he cooks and explains simultaneously.

In this original recipe, he introduces many unique and new tips on making stuffed-peppers.

“I really like that he cut the peppers parallel at the top.” “Enoki in stuffed peppers? No way!” “So unique that he didn’t take out all the seeds!”; these are a few comments from the viewers pleasantly surprised by his unique recipe.

I, myself, gave this recipe a try after not making stuffed-peppers for a while. I must admit, I have never had stuffed-peppers so juicy, ever. I also never thought of keeping the stem and seeds, using the whole pepper.

The enoki mixed with the stuffing and the shredded cheese on top are the key in this recipe. Enoki retains the moisture in stuffing, and the cheese creates more depth in flavor.

It is delicious as it is, but Baba also suggested sauce or ketchup to be added for extra flavor.

I personally liked it very much with Ponzu .

Wondering how this would turn out? I highly recommend you give this recipe a try yourself!

By - Mugi.