Last year, to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the King of the Monsters, Bandai released two adorable tissue boxes shaped like Godzilla and Baby Mothra, mimicking the former's iconic spikes and the latter's spewing silk. Now they are following up the cutesified kaiju release with Godzilla and Baby Mothra plushie pen cases.

The Godzilla pen case mouth features a zipper on the mouth, while the Mothra has a zipper on its back and "spits" pens out of its mouth.

With our without pens in them, they make for hand-sized cute kaiju buddies to hang around the house or in your bag.

The two pen cases are currently available for reservation order from Premium Bandai (2,970 yen) with delivery set for February. Those abroad can check out their international order options here.

By - Big Neko.