Although white winters are likely more common elsewhere globally, certain regions in Japan receive a healthy amount of snow reliably every year. Although school may not be cancelled in most prefectures, Japanese children and others can still enjoy a good snowball fight or spend the afternoon constructing a snowman from time to time.

Of course, it's not only the human residents in the country who get a kick from snowstorms. For instance, Twitter user ‘Shiba Inu Haru’ (@shibaharu_) posted pictures of a recent experience. Her dog Haru was goofing around in the snow, and she seized the opportunity to snap a few shots and post them online. Her quick thinking didn’t go unnoticed: 36700 people liked the post.

"She's burying her head little by little..."

The picturesque scene occurred as the Twitter user was walking her dog. Sure enough, she suddenly realized Haru was distracted digging into the snow. The pupper must have been fascinated by it. From the photo, it seems like the Shiba Inu could hardly contain herself. She must love snowy weather. She certainly looks like a kook with her face covered in snow.

Image reproduced with permission from Shiba Inu Haru (@shibaharu_)

I imagine Haru shaking her head and looking dapper like some hairy version of a shampoo model from a shampoo commercial. “Ahhhhhhhh—”

Many followers reacted to this fun-loving pup on the post:

  • "I like her fluffy hair and the fluffy snow. But why did she dive in head first? Lol”
  • “This Shiba Inu sticks into the snow. lol lol”
  • “Did she find something nice under the snow?”
  • “My dog loves snow too. This post reminds me of when she dived into the snow head first like a mole and jumped out… She’s done that many times since. And she eats snow.”
  • “I laughed at her.”
  • “It’s so cute. I wonder if it doesn’t feel cold?”
  • “When my dog finds a hole in the snow, say like a snake's nest, he buries his head into it and begins digging.”
  • “Shiba Inu drill.”
  • “What is she doing...”

It seems like many followers have dogs that do the same thing. Sure enough, snow-covered streets can turn into a fond memory if you're a dog.

Naturally, Haru is not alone. There is another dog who likes snow. Twitter user Advent (@NovembersZ) posted pictures of his dog, and 92000 people liked the post.

"My dog had fun in the snow."

The dog was playing in the snow, and the owner noticed that she managed to bring some back with her. Indeed, she has what appears to be a snowbeard attached to her fur.

Advent’s followers reacted:

  • “She looks like a pine cone”
  • “What happened?!! It’s so cute”
  • “I thought it was a very chic style.”
  • “My dog sometimes has the same problem.”
  • “It’s too cute.”
  • “It looks like broccoli.”
  • “I thought she had marshmallows on her body.”
  • “Long hair causes trouble. lol”

Other dogs love the warmth

Some dogs love winter snow. However, there are just as many who would prefer to stay warm and dry indoors. I personally can’t say that I blame them.

Instagrammer Shiroshiba Kinako Mom(@shoitoshibakinako) posted this picture on Instagram.

"My dog Kinako falls asleep in front of the heater everyday"

Her followers reacted:

  • "You can't get up from there, Kinako.”
  • “The gravity is great.”
  • “Wow, it’s too cute!”
  • “It’s her special seat. Kinako is warm and cozy.”
  • “She is busy watching the stove.”
  • “I imagined she thinks, ‘It’s warm. I feel good.”
  • “She looks like she's sleeping soundly.”
  • “She looks warm. I want to rub her warm belly.”

Kinako also loves to fall asleep on her owner's legs while sitting at the Kotatsu heated table.

"She loves to fall a sleep with her father at the Kotatsu. She looks like a human child."

Her followers reacted:

  • "She probably eats oranges at the Kotatsu like a human.”
  • “She looks comfortable.”
  • “Her forefoot is cute.”
  • “She is so cute I couldn’t help but laugh.”
  • “When I look at her, it warms my heart.”
  • “When dogs relax with their owners, they seem very happy.”
  • “What a happy face! She’s so cute. Winter is good.”

Indeed, some dogs love outdoor adventures, while others are homebodies. Just like people, these puppers have their own preferences and personalities. Stay warm!

By - Luke Mahoney.