Shiba Inu is one of the most popular breeds of dog in Japan—the most common being the Dachshund. Sporting a medium frame and a thick double coat, they are likely more iconic than Akita dogs and other lineages associated with the country. Although calm and alert, they have an undoubtedly independent temperament that may make them difficult to train and socialize. Nevertheless, Shiba Inu are commonly considered good family dogs.

Animal lovers to the end, Japanese owners are naturally fond of the Shiba Inu dogs they bring into their lives. Spend some time on Japanese Twitter and you’re apt to see pups in whimsical attire and others leading pampered lives.

Furthermore, it’s no wonder that many internauts also make the esteemed pet the focus of their handicrafts and creative endeavors. The breed has been the subject of 3-D art glassware, and faux banknotes have been designed in their likeness.

These days, the trend appears to be international. Take California-based digital artist Ross Tran, for example, who has incorporated his Shiba Inu pup Milo into his work.

Ross and Milo

According to his website, Ross began drawing at a young age. By the time he was 16, he had moved to Los Angeles to pursue his craft more seriously. He has worked on feature films and is currently working on turning his book NIMA into an animated series.

Most importantly, however, he loves Milo, his Shiba Inu pet. In a 2016 YouTube post, Ross introduced the pup:

At the time of the video, Milo was a two-month-old pup. Ross tells his viewers that they will be seeing more of this Shiba Inu, a breed of dog that is considered smart, agile, and individualistic. Like other dogs, Milo enjoys the outdoors. According to Ross, the pup also has a fondness for plants and digging—fortunately, he also has some serious nails.

Regardless, from such an early point in time, it's evident that the two are all but inseparable. Despite some destructive tendencies on the part of Milo, it seems inevitable that the young dog will be a mainstay of the channel.

Instagram Inu

More recently, the artist featured Milo in a series of posts in which he illustrated numerous photos of the pair. Ross shared the finished products on Instagram.

It's immediately apparent that the designer and his dog love the beach—they do live in LA, after all. Several posts feature swimwear amid sunny weather and good vibes. Whether just the two of them or accompanied by friends, the pictures gathered tens of thousands of likes each.

Others still incorporate athletic wear and different themes. Indeed, the two definitely seem to have an on-the-go lifestyle.

Still, everyone needs a chance to relax. Ross also features more casual outfits of the day in his photo remakes.

Finally, the artist gives a tip of the hat to Japanese influences—a final redux features a happi, a traditional straight-sleeved coat in Japan.

Overall, pretty stylish stuff with clear Japanese influences.

If you like Ross’s art, you can find more content by him on Instagram. Be sure to also check out his website and YouTube channel. Enjoy!

By - Luke Mahoney.