Instagrammer joyandtreasure (joyandtreasure) lives with three cats under the same roof. As you can imagine, many peculiar things occur regularly with so many felines in the house. One day, her cat Joy came to her owner’s room with a toy. Naturally, the Instagrammer assumed it was an invitation to play with the furball using the toy. However, Joy left and soon as she saw her owner take the toy. joyandtreasure couldn't help but suspect the act was just some type of thoughtful delivery.

Her guess was right! Since that day, Joy has brought something special to her owner every night.

A stuffed mouse, a stuffed alpaca… Joy delivers one of her favourite toys every night. Her owner is clearly impressed and appreciative on each occasion. Joy must take pride in making her owner feel so cared for and happy.

After that, Joy began dropping off not only her toys, but also joyandtreasure’s daughters’ toys as well. Depending upon their ages, it’s hard not to wonder if this sparked a little bit of envy or jealousy….

As you can see, there is quite the selection for Joy to choose from.

The Instagrammer's daughters' room is on the first floor and joyandtreasure's room in on the second floor. So, it's not a trivial task for the considerate cat. Joy has to pick a toy and carry it throughout the house to drop it off.

Yet, it seems sometimes Joy outdoes herself. Sometimes the toy she chooses is too big to carry up the stairs. On such occasions, Joy beckons her owner from the first floor almost seeming to say, "Hey Mom, please come get my present for you!”. Nevertheless, the owner is happy to make the trip, even when receiving late-night deliveries, say, around three o'clock in the morning.

joyandtreasure’s followers reacted:

  • “She is just the sweetest kitty!”
  • “Heartbreaking.”
  • “She is so cute and smart. lol”

Joy does her best not to leave any packages unattended. As you can see, she waits to make sure the delivery is appropriately received and is clearly proud when her task is completed.

Her owner posted this video on Twitter too.

"Woman sets up hidden camera to find out what her cat's doing with her daughters' toys"

Certainly, it seems like a full-time job. I hope she is well-compensated. Nevertheless, joyandtreasure's use of night vision spy cams shows how dillegently Joy works, apparently all hours of the day.

Her followers reacted:

  • “I've never seen anything quite like this.”
  • “That's hilarious. She doesn't get put off by the size. Dragging that doll with her hair hanging down....hahahaha I love it.””
  • “Joy is living up to her name. I’m smiling ear to ear right now. ”
  • “Amazing cat. My cat has never done the "gift for Mom" thing.”
  • “This is truly adorable.”
  • “That is the cutest Purrranormal movie ever.”
  • “Awww, I want a cat too”
  • “I'm crying. Animals are so pure”

Day by day, she brings gifts which are sometimes bigger than she is. It must be tough sometimes, but I’m sure it’s all worth it at the end.

Another sweet kitty

Indeed, a sweet cat can bring a smile to anyone’s face. There is another kitty that’s become famous online for being just as adorable as Joy.

Twitter user Mofu Mofu Doga (@ru_ruru831) retweeted this post and 26,300 people liked the video.

"A kitty nestling on a cameraman's head"

People reacted:

  • "I watch this video many times and it still warms my heart.”
  • “It’s too cute. I want to have a cat.”
  • “Sweet. I want a kitty to climb onto my head too.”
  • “What a kind world.”
  • “A healing video for the new year.”
  • “I envy the camera man.”
  • “This kitty is full of curiosity.”
  • “I love this video.”

Cats are pure and sweet. With so much going on recently, it's no wonder why people share such carefree videos. A much-needed distraction, indeed.

By - Luke Mahoney.