For most great-grandparents all over the world, great-grandchildren are a source of joy in their lives. They may want to give them whatever they can to show their overflowing love and affection. Of course, things are no different in Japan.

TikTok user ミルクボーイズ Milk Boys (dyldh9oo2jdw), who posts the daily life of their 2- and 3-year-old children, are fortunate that their grandparents are still alive. Their children's great-grandfather dotes on his great-grandchildren whenever he can.

Here's what happened when their 3-year-old son received a box of "toys" handcrafted by his great-grandfather.

He was happy to receive it, but when he saw what was inside, he stopped dead in his tracks...

@dyldh9oo2jdw 私のおじいちゃんが作ったバッタに、あの氷室ってた長男がドン引きしてました?#バッタ #大量発生 #本物そっくり #おじいちゃん #手作り #かずら工芸作作家 #年子ママ #みるくぼーいず #年子育児 #長男 ♬ オリジナル楽曲 - ミルクボーイズ

Inside the box were handcrafted "toys" made to look just like grasshoppers!

When his son found out what was inside, he quietly closed the lid as if to say, "Thanks but no thanks..."

When his mother tried to pick one up and hand it to her son, he bugged out. Visibly disturbed by what looked like a real creepy-crawly, he almost seemed on the point of crying as he ran away.

According to the account owner, these realistic grasshopper toys were made from the leaves of the windmill palm (Trachycarpus fortunei). In Japan (and China), it has been cultivated since ancient times and the fibers obtained from its leaves have been used to make rope, sacks, and other coarse cloth.

Although his great-grandfather must have crafted each grasshopper with great dexterity, perhaps the three-year-old was a bit too young to appreciate it.

The amusing video elicited numerous comments, such as:

  • "Oh my, how realistic... Even I, as an adult, would be so surprised and do the same, quietly closing the box... lol"
  • His hand after opening it said it all. It must have been shocking....
  • I would have shrieked if it were me! It's so realistic.

Surely one day, he will appreciate his great-grandfather's handicraft and the love that went into making this present.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.