From Sadako and Kayako to cute little hedgehogs, we’ve seen all different kinds of cup clingers. Now the explosively popular cat collecting game Neko Atsume is joining in on the fad, appointing 6 popular cats to the task of making your drink a lot more adorable.

In arrival from the smartphone game to your glass cups are some of our favorites — Peaches, Smokey, Snowball, Bob the Cat, Mr. Meowgi, and Kathmandu. Now even some of the most rare cats that hardly ever appear in our yards can visit us every day, as we hydrate ourselves with a refreshing drink.


Source: Kadokawa


Source: Kadokawa

The cup clingers are all part of the PUTTITO series Neko Atsume BOX, which can be purchased online through the Kadokawa store. You can get a box of 8 — which includes all 6 different cats — for 4,320 yen (40.90 USD). Orders can be reserved now until mid-August, while the cup clingers are scheduled to be shipped in September.

Now your dream of having cute, happy cats playing around your drink without knocking them over can finally come true.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.