Ramen in Japan exists in a variety of styles that each region will proudly tell you is the best of the bunch, but over the year some adventurous varieties such as piranha ramen and even rainbow ramen have popped up for limited time offers to shake things up.

For popular ramen chain Korakuen, the opportunity to do so is Valentine's Day, where they've started an annual tradition of serving up chocolate ramen. For 2021, they've teamed up with sweets maker Lotte for two bowls of dessert ramen that improves on their usual recipe: devil chocolate and angel white chocolate ramen!

Devil Chocolate Ramen

It's actually just called chocolate ramen, but if you order it you get a sticker featuring a devil Bikkuriman chocolate wafer. The actual ramen uses a soy sauce broth fused with cocoa oil, grated ginger, and a whole chocolate bar as a topping you better eat fast before it melts--unless you want it that way!

Angel Chocolate Ramen

Again, the Angel part comes from the angel Bikkuriman chocolate wafer sticker that comes with it, but the noodle bowl features thick salt broth, thanks to added cocoa oil and cream, along with a white chocolate bar.

Both Valentine's Chocolate bowls are available from Korakuen ramen shops from January 28th to February 17th. While you get a Bikkuriman devil or angel sticker depending on the bowl you get, ordering both will reward you with a Bikkuriman Pink sticker.

By - Big Neko.