While Japanese oddity shop Village Vanguard seems pretty happy to make just about any sort of animal-themed good, their ventures into ocean seem to have a recurring theme, evidenced by giant wearable tentacle plushies that turn you into an octopus and slithering tentacle "helper hands" for the kitchen.

It doesn't look like they'll be abandoning that theme anytime soon, as Village Vanguard has teamed up with talented Japanese ceramics artist Aki Tagawa to release a lineup of seafood spoons modeled after Moray eels and squid and octopus tentacles!

A quick look at Tagawa's profile and official store will let you know that she has an interest in decorating her traditionally crafted ceramics with animal motifs, which definitely falls in line with these slithering spoons.

While you can definitely use them for anything, Village Vanguard recommends using the sea creature spoons with seafood, of course. The attention to detail on the tentacle sucker's and eel's eerie face are outstanding as well.

The spoons are available for online order in Japan from Village Vanguard. While they don't appear to be so yet (at the time of writing), they may be available in the future from Tagawa's online shop.

By - Big Neko.