Baskin Robbins Japan is home to plenty of adorable ice cream treats, but they save their cutest creations to celebrate events and holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. They even go all out when it comes to traditional Japanese celebrations, and this latest set of adorable ice creams is a Disney collaboration inspired by the customary decoration of an upcoming holiday.

Hina-matsuri, also known as Girls Day, occurs on 3rd March and is a day in which Japanese people pray for the continued health and growth of their female children. The most recognisable decoration for Girls Day is a tiered stand called a ‘hinadan'. Ornamental dolls representing the imperial household are displayed, with two at the top representing the position of the Emperor and Empress. They are often flanked by blossom-adorned lamps and more elaborate sets will include lower platforms, consisting of various attendants, musicians and helpers.

For Baskin Robbin’s Hina-matsuri themed ice cream set, they have recast the emperor and empress figures as Disney’s most famous couple, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The adorable take-out box places Mickey and Minnie in the top row with a blossom filled background to reference actual hinadan decorations, even including the lanterns in the design. On the second row, there’s three ‘attendant’ ice cream scoops, decorated with chocolate bows and a celebratory chocolate plate that reads ‘2021 Hinamatsuri’.

The packaging is adorably decorated with Disney characters wearing the traditional court dress of the Heian period.

The box includes five cups of ice cream and any flavour can be chosen. It will be on sale in branches of Baskin Robbins from 15th February until Girls Day itself on 3rd March, costing 1850 yen.

By - Jess.