Many anime fans were thrilled when Japanese company Gatebox announced the development and release of their "Hologram Communication Robot", an Alexa-type device that functions as not only a personal assistant, but a live-in anime girl companion.

Demand for the anime hologram assistant, who can connect to other household devices and do things such as check weather, welcome you home, and even monitor your moods, proved high enough for a mass release in both Japan and abroad.

Gatebox has now announced their anime girl hologram assistant is about to be bigger and better than ever, as they will soon be introducing a much larger version that reproduces a life-sized (well, human sized) hologram of their helpful AI anime girl.

The new "large-scale character summoning device" ups the size of the normally miniature anime hologram to a 65-inch 4K quality OLED display. The reason for this is that the new device is intended to be used as a anime hologram guide to to serve customers in stores and facilities as a guide or receptionist.

The unit is equipped with a depth sensor that detects the distance of the person approaching, and when the person approaches the Gatebox Grande, the character automatically greets the person and introduces the product or service. It is not only a video feed, but also has changing voice and facial expressions that can create unique experiences to each customer, as well as a high definition display that gives the impression that an anime character brought to life is working in the facility.

At the moment, Gatebox is looking for potential business suitors via an application form on the website. If the market proves receptive, it may not be a far away world where museums, movie theaters, reception deks, event exhibitions, live music venues, entertainment facilities, etc. are equipped with lifelike and life-sized anime holograms as our guides.

By - Big Neko.